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Thread: [Guide] Unity Test Server Login

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    [Guide] Unity Test Server Login

    Dear Settlers,
    the long-awaited "Unity" Testserver is here!

    We can now all come together again and play our beloved "The Settlers Online" without restrictions.
    All Settlers on the following Operating Systems: Linux*, Mac, Windows
    *Linux should work as well, however, we still do not officially support technical situations for this OS.

    First and furthermore with the Unity Version (Testserver), it is no longer needed to use the Client.
    Our game is now back in the Browser without special attachments. Jippie!

    How to login:
    - Go to
    - Click “Already registered?” on the right
    - Click “Login (Ubisoft Account) on the top right or the blue “Log In” button on the left
    - Login using your Ubisoft account credentials
    - Click the blue “Play” button on the left

    However, in some cases, it might be needed to manually download/activate WebGL if you're using a Mac System.

    You don't know what WebGL is and if you have it? Don't worry, you can find out if you open the following link:

    The page as shown below will tell you if you have it installed, or how to download it.

    If you want to find out about WebGL, you can check out the explanation here:
    Apple Support Page

    Note: For the Liveversion of our game you will still need the Gameclient until the official Start of the Unity Version!

    You can leave your Feedback in our freshly created Unity Forum
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