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    Known Issues - Unity

    Dear adventurers,

    here you can find a list of known issues in the Unity Test Server version.

    Colonies & PVP
    • PvP is not yet implemented correctly and contains many bugs.
    • The context menu of the current expedition has no function

    Graphic and text errors
    • When changing the map, old info icons remain
    • The light effects in the tutorials are missing
    • System messages use the wrong font color
    • The animation and the picture of the Excelsior have different resolutions
    • All units of the combat academy have the same tooltip
    • Tooltip of the "Training Island" expedition is wrong
    • Layout for items in reward messages is wrong
    • Localisation of Sandman's sleeping sand is missing
    • Wrong size for the Floating Residence
    • Tooltips of locked items at the merchant show the wrong text
    • Tooltip of flower farm is incorrect
    • Some task buildings have no construction animations and graphics
    • The mouse cursor to apply buffs does not disappear immediately when all buffs are used up
    • The graphic to highlight hints is wrong
    • Work animations are displayed in front of other buildings
    • The description of the Grim Reaper General in the shop has moved
    • 08.05.2021 - 23970 - Avatar name changes after selection
    • 08.05.2021 - 23972 - Writing in chat shows no letters
    • 08.05.2021 - 23973 - Cannot copy & paste in chat
    • 08.05.2021 - 23974 - Default font is blurred
    • 08.05.2021 - 23986 - Font color (red) is difficult to read
    • 09.05.2021 - 23992 - Graphical error in production bar
    • 11.05.2021 - 24005 - First aid skill have an incorrect description
    • 11.05.2021 - 24007 - Text in quest task panel is cut
    • 18.05.2021 - 24035 - Own avatar isnot displayed
    • 19.05.2021 - 24041 - Graphic - Lumberjack stays at the deposit
    • 19.05.2021 - 24042 - Graphic - Display with scaling 100%
    • 19.05.2021 - 24045 - Graphic - Completed building. Building animation remains

    • Parts of the user interface can block each other depending on the scaling
    • Event collections cannot be produced
    • Accepting trade leads to an error message
    • Upgrade symbols are only displayed after a restart
    • The pinned star menu disappears when a general is deployed
    • Prerequisites for adventures are not updated when leveling up
    • Chat commands don't work
    • The ranking button opens the window twice
    • The friend's list does not show an online status
    • 08.05.2021 - 23966 - Specialists can be used on Friend Island
    • 08.05.2021 - 23989 - Fairy fire does not show all collectibles
    • 08.05.2021 - 23981 - Zoom problems on macOS
    • 08.05.2021 - 23982 - Scrolling past the beginning/end of a list
    • 08.05.2021 - 23984 - Immediately finishing a quest shows 0 gems
    • 08.05.2021 - 23988 - Hovering over a name in the "Add Friend" list hides the name
    • 08.05.2021 - 23990 - All buffs are displayed with the fish steak icon
    • 09.05.2021 - 23994 - Clicking twice on menus does not close them
    • 09.05.2021 - 23995 - Restart required to access unlocked options after a level-up
    • 09.05.2021 - 23996 - Production cannot be stopped
    • 09.05.2021 - 23998 - Build menu may be outside of the window
    • 09.05.2021 - 23999 - Highlighting of the currently selected recipient in the mail window does not match the list width
    • 09.05.2021 - 24000 - No highlighting of entries in the star menu
    • 09.05.2021 - 24002 - Whole general window can be moved with the mouse
    • 11.05.2021 - 24004 - Loading problem prevents certain actions
    • 11.05.2021 - 24003 - Building: mouse over wrong description
    • 12.05.2021 - 24010 - Some achievements are completed without meeting the conditions
    • 12.05.2021 - 24012 - Click target objects behind the current window
    • 12.05.2021 - 24013 - 2 geologists find only one deposit
    • 12.05.2021 - 24014 - Wrong total time in production details of buildings
    • 12.05.2021 - 24016 - Multiple recipients cannot be added to a message by clicking on it
    • 12.05.2021 - 24017 - Reward not fully displayed
    • 12.05.2021 - 24018 - Incomplete cost display when multiple items in the shop
    • 12.05.2021 - 24019 - Excelsior cannot be muted
    • 13.05.2021 - 24020 - Rejected trade messages can be deleted
    • 13.05.2021 - 24021 - Icons of finished productions remain after collection
    • 13.05.2021 - 24022 - Target marker retained after withdrawal
    • 18.05.2021 - 24029 - Interception area has delay
    • 18.05.2021 - 24030 - General's menu can be randomly moved
    • 18.05.2021 - 24032 - Visibility of buffable buildings
    • 18.05.2021 - 24033 - Flashing calendar arrow at the bottom left
    • 18.05.2021 - 24028 - Mouse pointer over production bar shows no remaining time
    • 18.05.2021 - 24031 - Multiple windows can be open at the same time
    • 18.05.2021 - 24034 - Resource bar at the top does not open town hall
    • 18.05.2021 - 24037 - Building not greyed out when placed
    • 19.05.2021 - 24040 - Chat - Extremely fast scrolling
    • 19.05.2021 - 24043 - Provisionhouse - Quantity "In stock" not shown on mouseover
    • 19.05.2021 - 24044 - Friends list - Home button on the left side does not change the appearance
    • 19.05.2021 - 24046 - Build list does not jump to site

    • Finishing a quest does not always activate the "quest completed" arrow in the user interface
    • Quests can disappear from the quest book
    • The quest "The Mine Window" cannot be finished even if all sub-quests are completed
    • The quest arrow will not take you to the quest in the quest book.
    • "Treasure Hunt" quest cannot be completed
    • Tasks of a pursued quest are not displayed immediately
    • The highlighting of a pinned quest in the quest book can disappear
    • Icon for the "New Sectors" quest is missing
    • Star effect when completing a quest persists
    • 08.05.2021 - 23983 - It is not possible to buy a settler family in the shop
    • 08.05.2021 - 23987 - Quests are not progressing (green tick)
    • 09.05.2021 - 24001 - Quest Gold Deposits comes too early
    • 11.05.2021 - 24008 - Quest: Commitment comes too soon
    • 12.05.2021 - 24015 - Quest task is marked as done too early

    Economy Overview/Merchant
    • There is no default selection in the economic overview
    • The economic overview uses a mixture of abbreviated and long number formats
    • Values in the economic overview are not updated immediately
    • Information on the love garden is missing in the shop
    • 18.05.2021 - 24027 - Economic overview does not link to buildings

    • The maximum number of guild members is not updated after increasing the member limit
    • The guild administration tab is only updated after a restart
    • The content of the guild market voting window disappears too slowly when it is closed
    • Guild chat becomes unavailable when an application is accepted
    • Items in the guild market cannot be bought
    • The "Expand guild" button does not lead to the right section in the shop
    • 08.05.2021 - 23971 - Friends list & guild list online status does not work
    • 08.05.2021 - 23968 - Guild quests not working
    • 08.05.2021 - 23980 - Guild description can be dragged around
    • 11.05.2021 - 24006 - Guild logo flashing too much
    • 12.05.2021 - 24011 - Strange guild quests

    System error (loading problems)
    • 08.05.2021 - 23965 - No memory available (Out of Memory)
    • 08.05.2021 - 23969 - JavaScript Uncought TypeError
    • 09.05.2021 - 23993 - CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) violations
    • 18.05.2021 - 24036 - Server zone init failed

    The date given corresponds to the sighting and confirmation of the developers. We might add further headlines.

    You can encounter those situations in the Unity Test Version. But do not worry, we are working on those bugs accordingly. Updates will be given and we might ask you for further tests.
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    Bug list has been revised.
    - Division into certain categories (can still be revised)
    - All submitted and confirmed bugs have been added
    - For new reports, the corresponding date of sighting has been added
    - Green = newly submitted bug reports
    - List will be updated regularly from now on (but not daily!)

    19.05.2021 - New bugs/errors added
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    Dear Settlers,

    We have an update to our existing Bug List and would also explain some of the changes you will see.

    This list includes bug fixes currently planned for the Unity Live version. Those are not ALL reported bugs out there and we will still give several updates as soon as possible (even before Unity going live). Most of those fixes are already present on Testing2. You will find some of the bugs with a note such as [might need more/new info], those are fixed bugs that have several different base issues. It could happen that you still encounter a variation of said bug in-game (Testing2) and we would like to ask you for updates on that matter. Especially on how to reproduce the situation.

    Bugs fixed
    U1 [UI]Text scrolling does not work with all browsers
    U7 [UI] Event Window overlaps part of the player interface when in windowed mode
    U10 [UI] Chat window size can`t be decreased
    U11 [UI] Trades do not create an entry in the chat history [might need more/new info]
    U12 [UI] No logs appear in the chat
    U13 [Specialist][UI] Geologist Menu opens under the Star Menu while clicking on the specialist
    U14 [Trading][UI] Item count field does not accept a 3-digit number while putting a trade offer in the Trade Office
    U17 [UI] Economy overview doesn`t show applied buff
    U20 [GER][UI] "Add a friend" text does not fit in the button
    U21 UI] Buildings UI is not fully localized
    U23 [UI] Full-screen mode cannot be entered after pressing the "Fullscreen" button
    U24 [UI] Sound effects volume bars in the Options menu are not changing by clicking on them
    U27 [UI] Colonies menu is named as "View Mail Window" on the player's main screen
    U28 [UI]The building description disappears in one second after opening the building interface
    U29 [UI][GER][RUS] "Inbox" and "Outbox" titles do not fit in their fields in the mail menu
    U30 [UI][RUS][FRE] "Building materials" title doesn't fit in the field in the Economy Overview menu
    U31 [UI] Building material name doesn't fit in the field in Economy Overview menu
    U32 [UI] Mail button in the Avatar menu is not interactable
    U33 UI RUS "Advanced" Panel name doesn't fit in Mayor's house UI
    U34 UI Placeholder tool-tip is present when hovering over quest steps
    U35 UI Specialists names aren't localized in Tavern UI
    U37 UI RUS FR When building upgrade duration is 1 day or more it doesn't fit the field
    U42 [Buff] Night effect is not triggered when Buff "Sandman's Powder" is applied
    U43[UI] Upgrade progress bar is absent in buildings UI
    U44 [Specialist][UI] Explorer's title has <.b></b> added during sector exploration
    U45 [Buff] Tooltip is replaced by the last opened tooltip in Buffs UI
    U48 [Adventure] Browser error during the transition to the home island after winning the adventure
    U49 [Buff] Collectible reveal effect is not triggered when "Fairy Fire" and "Fairy Light" buffs are applied
    U51 [UI] Description of Bandit camps is not localized
    U55 [Mail] Collectible rewards mail is missing [might need more/new info]
    U59 [Mail] Mail reward buttons tooltip show strange text or empty button
    U60 [Guild] Steps of Sub-quest "Your vote counts!" won`t trigger [might need more/new info]
    U61 [Mail][Guild] Guild succession expired mail is missing [might need more/new info]
    U64 [Mail][Guild] Guild old leader mail is missing
    U65 [Specialist][UI] Explorer's affecting skills tooltip show placeholder text
    U68 [PvP][UI] "Build Defenses" and "Claim Colony" buttons do not have appropriate tool-tips [might need more/new info]
    U69 [PvP][UI] Expedition leaders that do not have the ability to attack still have "Attack" and "Retreat" labels in their interfaces [might need more/new info]
    U71 [PvP][UI] Military units have no stats in Combat Academy UI [might need more/new info]
    U75 [UI][RUS][GER] In the Archive window all items, in all sections are duplicated twice [might need more/new info]
    U77 [UI][Guild] "Help" button on the Guild Market Vote page is not functional [might need more/new info]
    U79 [UI][Guild] Names and descriptions of some guild quests are placeholders [might need more/new info]
    U80 [UI] Tool-tips of accessibility options are placeholders
    U107 [UI] Zone-wide Reward buffs tooltip is very wide
    U112 [UI] Most icons are blurry in Microsoft Edge browser [might need more/new info - this is not the overall blurry state of trees and co]
    U118 [UI] Placeholder tooltip appears after selecting any item and hovering over its icon in the Merchant menu [might need more/new info]

    U37 [UI] - Duration of some commands do not fit the field in explorer UI
    U38 [UI] - Placeholder tool-tip is present when hovering over "find Adventure" in Explorer UI
    U90 [UI] - The difficulty level of some fairy tale adventures does not match the levels indicated for it
    U91 [Buff] - Fairy dust cannot be used at any point of El Chupacabra adventure [might need more/new info]
    U99 [UI] - PVP - Tool-Tip Contains incorrect information when hovering over active expedition [might need more/new info]
    U100 UI - First task from "Defeat the Ships" quest is not shown after pinned in "Raid of the Nords" adventure Zone [might need more/new info]
    U191 - Excelsior can't be muted [might need more/new info]
    U123 Players can use Specialists on friends island (23966)
    U147 [UNITY] JavaScript Uncaught TypeError (Out of memory)
    U150 [UNITY] Writing in Chat does not display letters [might need more/new info]

    Not a bug:
    U194 [UI] - Player is unable to choose a price in the Trade office when the storage is full
    =>this is intended - you are not allowed to trade for resources you have already at max storage capacity.
    U15 New buff can`t be applied before expiring of the current one
    => this is intended - you can only apply a buff once the current one has run out
    U39 UI Elite Barracks has the same Icon as combat academy
    => Icon for elite barracks and combat academy were always identical
    U56 [Mail] Adventure lost loot mail is missing with cancelled AT
    => it's by design that collection loot is only sent by email if you complete the adventure, not if you cancel it.
    U77 [UI][RUS][DE] "Enable/Disable Performance Mode" line is not localized in Options menu
    => it's by design. This button is only present on testing and will not be implemented on live
    U143 [UNITY] Scrolling beyond the beginning/end of a list
    => Working as designed

    A proper layout will be added at a later time. You can expect another update to this list in the upcoming week.

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    Another day, another list.

    Please be aware that there are some bug reports of the Summer event (Unity Test Server) in our last lists, which we fixed as well. However, you can't verify this during this year's summer event, as we introduced the client version of the event.

    Bugs fixed

    U150 Writing in chat does not display letters [might need more/new info]
    U142 It's not possible to buy settlers family in shop [might need more/new info]
    U165 Graphical error in production bar [might need more/new info]
    U170 CORS (Cross-Origin Ressource Sharing) violations [might need more/new info]
    U168 Restart is required to access unlocked options after a level up [might need more/new info]
    U167 Productions can't be stopped [might need more/new info]
    U160 Quest gold deposits come too early [might need more/new info]
    U157 Loading Issue prevents certain actions 160 Quest gold deposits comes too early [might need more/new info]
    U162 UI - Subtask "Expand control panel" of the quest "The event window" doesn't get completed after expanding the control panel
    U174 UI toggle camera control buttons don't respond to click
    U176 Loading Screen remains standard during soccer event [might need more/new info]
    U209 Economy overview does not link to buildings [might need more/new info]
    U197 Mouseover overproduction bar does not show remaining time [might need more/new info]
    U208 The intercept area has a huge lag/delay [might need more/new info]
    U202 Building is not greyed out during placement [might need more/new info]
    U195 Buildings tooltips are not highlighted after changing the font from Opendyslexic to default [might need more/new info]
    U196 Friendslist home button on the left does not change the appearance
    U200 Graphic - Completed building. Building animation remains [might need more/new info]
    U9 Connection Issue error message appears while trying to enter the game
    U54 Guild market items do not appear in the star menu after purchase and guild coins are not spent
    U214 Door timer in Event Calendar does not change with time
    U2 Mail window is partly non-interactable after opening it
    U3 Barracks UI can't be opened
    U5 Clicking on buff icon in privision house causes an error message
    U6 Quest "Select tavern" step doesn't trigger
    U26 UI Generals window is empty and has no options
    U216 Pathfinder task building freezes the game
    U219 Purchasing "Summer Bundle III" causes a locked zone
    U220 Unable to select a reward in the event calendar
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