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Thread: Game won't load

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    Game won't load

    I've been trying on both Firefox and Chrome but have been unable to load the game. I've cleared the browser history but all I get is the loading screen which stops at about 95% complete.

    I have even tried leaving the loading screen to sit and think for 15 minutes or so but that has proved to be unsuccessful.

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    Hello Mortica,

    right now the Testserver is on its max. capacity and players who try to join now, can't enter.
    We noted in our announcement that this could happen. Right now we can't help you with the login. You could try at a later point if some players left the Testserver.

    Additionally, it would be really helpful if you could add the following information in upcoming reports, as it will be easier for us to check it out then:

    1. Your name in the game:
    2. Your country and time zone:
    3. Date the problem occurred:
    4. Time the problem occurred:
    5. Your player level:
    6. Does the problem persist after a reboot?
    7. What operating system are you using & what bit version?

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