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Thread: Low level daily quests

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    Low level daily quests

    At level 21 you get a daily quest to pay 1750 water. Getting the water is no problem, just build a lot of wells. To be able to pay the water to the quest you however need to have at least 1800 storage space. That is really hard to get at such a low level where marble, hardwood planks and building licenses are all very limited.

    It would be nice if the daily quests better reflected the player level and limits they have to work with.

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    Well, those of us who joined the game at the very start had no resource sinks to feed us, no gems etc etc. We also had no super duper generals - the screams of delight when we got a Veteran were amazing.

    The quests do reflect the player levels, they just show how slow the game was back at the start.

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