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Thread: Trade office

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    Trade office

    Hy. In the Trade office you can't scroll down the page with the scroll from mouse. It works only using the bar in the sceenshot.
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    You also cannot sort by the columns, although it is much easier to read in test.

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    The trade office seems to have no rhyme or reason to it, every item is jumbled, you can only see 4 items at a time, so if you want to scroll through to find something its impossible to remember where you last saw that item. The history displays every item as if it was just bought 1 minute ago, sometimes twice or 3 times even, and appears to be more recent at the end rather than the beginning. The page numbers go 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 etc, so you haave no idea how many items are actually listed, and the scroll bar does not reset to the top of the page when you go to the next page.
    All in all, its a horrible chaos which I hope will be sorted soon.

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    The scrolling will work in the items list, but it's very finicky. The cursor has to be just right.
    But, that's very annoying, imho.

    As the others stated, only being limited to 4 items is annoying. The font is too large, and there's not reason for multiple lines of text for the date/time of expiration. Forget date/time and just put the amount of time remaining, in other words 5h26m21s. We don't care if it's at 23:46:03 UDT, or what ever time zone it's using.

    The titles of the columns NEEDS to be for sorting
    When typing a filter text, pressing the "Enter" key should accept that as the text to filter by and apply it. NOT remove filtering completely. Only way to filter is by pressing the Magnifying glass.
    For the check boxes of the level of the items, make the whole word be selectable, not just the box.

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