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Thread: [Known Issue] Storefront Issue - Locked Zones (fixed).

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    [Known Issue] Storefront Issue - Locked Zones (fixed).

    Dear Settlers,

    It has come to our attention that after the Unity Server was restored yesterday evening, we started to see reports of "endless" loading issues. After an investigation, we've identified multiple items from the in-game storefront that can cause it; namely "Pathfinder".

    We're actively seeking a solution to the issue, but until we can deploy a fix, we ask that you avoid purchasing the Pathfinder from the storefront. And if you do experience the loading issue with purchasing other items, please report them in this thread.

    Your "The Settlers Online" Team

    EDIT: While player's previously affected by the login issue after purchasing the "Pathfinder" from the in-game shop will now be able to log in again; note that the Pathfinder itself is still broken until a future update.

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