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Thread: Change Log 01/06/21

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    Change Log 01/06/21

    Unity Test Server: Summer Event + Bugfixes

    1st June 2021

    • Summer Event: This year's Summer Event is available to test on the Unity Test Server!

    • The text for "Tavern" no longer uses a different font
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to interact with a friend’s generals when visiting their island
    • Fixed several issues with the friend trade system
    • Corrected a graphics issue with the construction queue
    • Background music can be turned on again when starting the game muted
    • Fixed several issues with the Avatar Creation Panel
    • Buildings and their travel paths are now displayed in the economic overview
    • Fixed the alignment of some tooltips
    • The question mark (?) button on the Guild market vote page now links to the correct page in the archive
    • Fixed the highlighting of sectors for the island deed
    • The adventure detail screen no longer flashes up again after being close
    • Fixed the standard value for the UI scaling feature
    • Fixed the "KeyNotFoundEException" login issue
    • Expired colonies can now be removed
    • Context menu functionality for expeditions has been restored
    • Content of the Guild market window now fades correctly when the window is closed
    • Fixed the icons for some expeditions
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the completion of the Soccer Event quest “The Event Window
    • Fixed some Merchant tooltips
    • Event calendar content now fades correctly when closing the window
    • Values in the guild window Administration tab no longer revert back to old ones after closing when changed
    • Values in the economy overview now update much more quickly
    • The expand button in the guild window now leads to the correct merchant section
    • The loading screen now changes to the corresponding event one if an event is active
    • Fixed the resolution of the Excelsior animation
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the game from loading on the first attempt
    • Maximum member count now updates correctly in the guild window when increased
    • The hint pointer now has the correct highlight graphic
    • Subtasks of a tracked quest will now be shown immediately
    • The “Quest Finished” hint will now always appear when a quest has been finished
    • The cursor for applying buffs will now vanish immediately when all buffs have been used up
    • The star menu will no longer disappear when deploying a general if pinned
    • Items in the Merchant can no longer be bought when their limit has been reached

    IMPORTANT: While player's previously affected by the login issue after purchasing the "Pathfinder" from the in-game shop will now be able to log in again; note that the Pathfinder itself is still broken until a future update.

    You are invited to provide feedback >here<, as well as report any future bugs >here<
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