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Thread: Hidden Collectables

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    Hidden Collectables

    deleted due to comments
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    1 Pinky has nothing to do with BB, therefore even if BB decided that Pinky is now game legal that does not mean Pinky will enabled on all browsers. For that to happen first the Browser developers would have to provide a means by which the author of Pinky can add it to a particular browser. Given the thousands of browsers out there it could take years or decades for Pinky to enabled on all Browsers still being maintained.

    2 There are two types of collectables in adventures, fixed and random. The former just needs you to learn the map the second can be found using Fairy dust made in PH without having to spend a gem.

    3 I encountered no problems playing the game on a 7 inch display, anything smaller than that is not suitable for running adventures even those without collectables.

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