lol, in the end it is a small thing- the big one is will unity work not will some individual quest make sense.

In the end- claiming this as a bug report is silly when you then demand proof contrary with a little fit. A bug report reports something that doenst work or doiesnt work as intended (which is already the slippery slope as no one knows for sure what is intended)

If the quest works with the heavy infantery it is not a bug. It is a request for change. Boy you would have been so pissed off if you were in that event where PVP was a major part of the event and the event achievables and hence rewards - i think it was easter in the year pvp was released. Every so often it keep spopping up in questlines and even in pathfinder quests, there are pvp related ones (with an added option that you can turn off that feature- mainly used after complaining that there are pvp related quests in pathfinder while player doesnt engage in pvp part of the game)