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Thread: Change log Unity Test Server 15/06/21

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    Change log Unity Test Server 15/06/21

    15th June 2021

    • Chat memory issue fixed, which was related to the "Out of Memory" error
    • Chat colors added (for moderators, Blue Byte & Ubisoft staff) + minor fixes
    • "Pixel-Perfect" setting disabled to improve performance (FPS)
    • Implemented pathfinder building panel
    • The pathfinder can now be placed and used as intended again
    • Mayor house resource bar improved
    • Donation panel fixed (event-related only)
    • Camera control panel corrected
    • Fixed jump to the construction site when clicking on building queue

    You can leave your feedback >here<, and report bugs >here<.
    We would especially like new feedback on the game stability and the Out of Memory bug.
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