8th July 2021

  • U191 - Excelsior can't be muted = The Excelsior animation no longer plays audio if the game is muted
  • U198 - Resource bar at the top does not open the town hall = Clicking on the resource bar at the top of the screen now opens the town hall menu
  • U148 - Avatarname changes after chosen = Fixed an issue that caused an Avatar’s name to change after being chosen
  • U151 - Can't copy & paste in Chat = It is now possible to copy & paste in chat again
  • U181 - 2 Geologist only find one deposit = Fixed an issue that caused 2 Geologists to find only one deposit if they returned at the same time
  • 23370 - Combat reports of battles against the walls in "Old Ruins" freeze the game = Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze when selecting a battle report generated by attacking the walls in the “Old Ruins” adventure
  • U227 - Split City in Summer creates error = Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to join certain adventures
  • U189 - Loot not displayed completely = Loot now gets displayed correctly
  • U177 - First Aid skill wrong description = Fixed the description of the “First Aid” skill
  • U224 - Dark Roofed Warehouse Locked Zone = Building the Dark Roofed Warehouse no longer causes a locked zone and players who experienced a locked zone due to this issue should be able to continue playing now*

    *We are still investigating further reports of "new/old" permanent Locked Zones

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