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Thread: Disingenuous communications

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Trafffer View Post
    The Unity Test Server was very helpful to our development team and would not have been so helpful without you players. The hard work many of you have done has been very important to the Unity version, even though some of you may feel it was "useless".

    If you look at the changelogs, you will see a very large number of issues fixed. I don't want to throw away random numbers, but we had one single update that fixed over 35 bugs.

    Some issues, such as the memory problem, were fixed and we did not receive any further reports until the live version was released, which could be for various reasons.

    We still have bug reports from Unity Test Server waiting in the queue to be fixed. Most of them are related to graphic/UI.

    Our top priority right now is to fix the "Game Breaking" issues we have, and the next update is scheduled for August, once the update is ready. The dev team is working hard to provide it as soon as possible.
    This is full of company management speak and weak attempts at pacification whilst brushing the true issues away.

    Of course the test was helpfu (But was much actioned?)l and yes down to the players (1st pat on the back for us) Lots of hard work by us (2nd pat on the back for us)

    Maybe good to list the bugs you fixed here than people having to trawl through a line of changelogs?

    I never had the memory issue on test so no report on it there from me, but now get it on live, on exactly the same gaming laptop.

    Be a good idea to fix the 'Game Breaking' issues as they make the game broken - good to see someone acknowledge this publicly.

    Any particular date in August? Start/End? And can we assume this is August 2021?

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    I'm here for you my dear community.

    it does not look like you are Trafffer : (

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    I like Traffer. He just could tell more jokes about his bosses.

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