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Thread: the Unity has rendered my account unplayable.

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    the Unity has rendered my account unplayable.

    I am speaking about 4 attempts that I have gotten into my account and tried to play the game.
    1). getting in is much better than before, get into the game may take 3 minutes as of now. Before Unity it
    could take 25 minutes. Regardless of computer and location used.
    2). Getting going. Once I am in the account the Map takes as much as another 5 minutes to finish creating all my buildings.
    3). There seems to be something wrong with the 'Star' function. When I try to key-in I have to key in at least 6 times to get the game to notice me.
    4). In addition, when I try to get my account to send out Geologists or explorers and game will sometimes not accept the key strokes. (e.g.) Since Unity, I have forced no less than 6 times a call for new Copper sources. Only one has gone though. I have also seen Searches I have begun, darkened/grey-out to indicate that a search has begun, and a few minutes later the light on the icon turns back. Apparently it was just funning me.
    In addition, My book maker, when I start a new door, the internals show nothing but It will not let me start another one. The excelceare is not do the show when I try to get the special quests.
    Also when I try to send out the explores, the result is nothing. Unless the results are being turned invisible. Help support.

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    Same here
    It runs so slow, when I click 'Star' function it takes few seconds to open.
    Same when i click geologist or explorer for searches.
    When I click geologist it opens building beneath opened 'Star' window
    In this stage game is unplayable.
    Instead of speeding up everything is slowed down

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    I to am finding it unplayable and always some details missing where it is too slow!

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