Your name in the game: Tage

Your country and time zone: Åland / Finland EET (currently GMT+3)

Date the problem occurred: Every day after maintenance 20.07.2021

Time the problem occurred: Every time

Your player level: 73

Does the problem persist after a reboot? Yes

What operating system are you using & what bit version?
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.30 GHz
64-bitars operativsystem, x64-baserad processor

Browser & Version Number
Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.164 (Officiell version) (64 bitar)

Describe as precisely as possible what you were doing before the problem occurred, so that we can reproduce this.
We went to town, had a hamburger and a coke. Went to see a tall sailing ship in the harbour, got home and decided to try the game again, so started it from my rather new and freshly rebooted laptop.

Describe only one bug per topic. No collective topics!
I'm always able to getting started with the game, but doing anything, especially trying to read the mails, the game, sooner or later, ends in an Out of Memory error. Not sure if that can be refered to as only one error, but every time I try to do anything, the game is ending in and Out of Memory. This comes faster when trying to open my Inbox, which is large (used to be 70+ pages, no battle reports, only ordinary mails, but now of course only one long page of mails I cannot browse at all). As a guild leader, I'm reluctant to delete any of the older mails.
I could also complain about the frequent Zone Refreshes, but I suppose that's another error...

Did this occur only once, or does it happen again and again?
Every time I try to open the inbox. Sometimes I actually get to read a few mails before the crash, but not this time.

If possible, add a screenshot showing the problem.
Videos below. The first one (5 minutes long) shows the startup till I realized I had used up all houses and needed to queue more settlers into the harbour. The second video (4 minutes long) continues where the previous one ended. In the total time of 9+ minutes I only managed to queue 5000 settlers in the harbour and tried to open the inbox. I would say it's completely unplayable, but maybe you have different opinion?