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Thread: Guild chat - ways to get it working

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    Guild chat - ways to get it working

    A quick method, but don't use this if you are running any other programs that require constant internet access!

    1. Disable your internet connection (see below for methods)
    2. type /w a b [ENTER] into the chat box (this forces chat to look for the server)
    3. Re-enable your internet connection

    Wireless connection:
    Click on the network icon near the system clock on the taskbar, and select Flight Mode to disable network. Click it again to re-enable.

    Wired connection:
    Type ncpa.cpl in a command box to open your network settings, then right-click on the connection to disable and enable it.

    For those that cannot temporarily disable their internet connection, the widely reported work-round is to minimise the browser down to the taskbar for about 10 minutes after which chat will re-connect to the server and guild chat will work.

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    or just minimize/switch tabs on your browser for 2-3 min

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