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Thread: New Themed Storehouses

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    New Themed Storehouses

    I have had an idea for a while that it would be goods to have options to select storehouses that match building themes, especially if one is inclined to building little themed sections on your island or archipelago.

    We have themed buildings for jungle, native american, Arabian Nights, Mountain Clan, etc.
    Buildings could be modeled on historical architecture from applicable cultures.

    Native American - Wampanoag wetu house, or earth lodge, pueblo style or cliff dwellings.
    Arabian - old crenellated tower (Old Riyadh buildings), or perhaps Nabatean style.
    Jungle - many options from elevated tribal huts to south american stone temples/towers or even a jungle-encroached Angkor Wat style.

    Just and idea to throw into the mix.

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    i think maybe BB missed a trick here, when designing the various themes. I think maybe that boat has sailed now tho
    ofc i talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice

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