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Thread: Going back to sleep

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    Going back to sleep

    I put most of my production chains to sleep after the switch, after last weeks "fixes", I was optimistic, woke things up and tried getting back to a kind of normal activity.... after a week, I'm going back to sleep.

    Even basic maintenance is still not easy, I did one adventure and regretted it, so many other bugs.
    Daily send of geos and explo, buffing, quests and pathfinder, chat, merch, TO, mail - all too painful.

    Somebody wake me when this is fun again and not a chore or acting as long term beta tester for BB.

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    Hello ClarenceDuPont,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We already have similar threads in the forum so please post your further feedback in one of the existing threads instead of creating a new thread.

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