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Thread: Updates ???

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    Updates ???

    Here's a novel thought for you ,since you have totally screwed up our enjoyment of the game and are doing the update to sort out your shortcomings how about doing the update during the night and not depriving us of additional game time ,or are you so committed to ensuring nothing affects the playing time of other geographical locations? ,it seems like you punish us with lost time repeatedly cant you run the updates outside of normal 9til5 office hours ? or are you so unconfident that you need to be there ? We have suffered enough or haven't you noticed the increasing number of players deserting the game ,we have !!Unimpressed .

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    They have been doing the updates in daytime for years and years. Nothing new there so no clue why u are going on a rant and rave for situation normal

    Ond your consipracy theory about geographic locations sux. BY far the biggest player base is in Europe. Probably 80%+

    Being angry is ok, but no need to be irrational as well

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    You forget that this is a international server, wich means your night is new zealands and australia's daytime...
    So whenever you do it, it will always be inconvenient to someone....
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