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Thread: [Feedback] Changelog 31.08.2021

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    yes- trade was booming- all 3 pages

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadOldHag View Post
    I complained over the gen problem to Traffer the other day and got the advice not to place the gens too close. Today I'm playing the Mountain Labyrinth where more than 10 gens are needed and the spots and the camp spots are very narrow and twice today the game send another gen than the one I activated. Traffers advice - good as it may be in some adv's - are useless for that adventure and others with the same design: many gens/narrow spots to place camps. PLEASE fix that issue soon. It has been known for month WHY HAVEN'T YOU FIXED IT YET???????????????????????????
    1. Wait for all generals to arrive in their proper place. Make sure no general is moving or settling camp no more.
    2. Assign troops to the generals. One at a time. Wait for troops to get assigned before heading for next general.
    3. Send all generals in one go, or send them in a batch of generals. Wait for generals to come back from attack, before sending next batch.
    5. Unassign all troops. Wait for troops to get unassigned before heading for next general.
    6. Move all generals to their new places. If misshap happens, then just move 1st general out, 2nd general out, then move them in their proper places. One after another.
    7. Go to nr 2 and continue.

    You will never attack with wrong general and with wrong troops. Just be patient. Use quartermaster to keep troops in safety. GL!

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    To build on what The_Sarmatian said:

    You can kind of simplify this by understanding that a gen that returns from the garrison, or finishes transferring, or finishes troop loading, or finishes anything, really, gains focus. When a gen gains focus, it supersedes what you are doing with another gen. So if you are working with one gen, but another one steals the focus, it is going to switch to that other general. They *really* need to fix this, and it's egregious that they haven't yet. So ​in the meantime, handle one gen at a time, or in batches. Watch for gens returning to the garrison. It's not random like people say.

    ​I find it helps a bit if you keep gens unloaded. If the context switches, you can't accidentally attack with an unloaded gen, at least.
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    fix the server time init, sick of having to reload game and that is so slow, move of game to do something else go back to game and booted server init fail, not like this is a fast pace game and you need to watch every minute, its SLOW, sends gens takes 15 mins so why the short time out?

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