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    It may be a good idea for BB programmers and management to try playing the game once in a while to realise how bad Unity is! Admittedly it has improved slightly since the abomination that was first released, but even Microsoft would be ashamed of the number of bugs and utter incompetence in resolving the major issues! Client was far from perfect, but was much better than the current offering and I would suspect that the loss of revenue is a major concern for management given how many have stopped playing. I would suggest you reinstate the client until you can get Unity up to at least a similar standard, but will not be holding my breath given the history of utter incompetence displayed. Please get your acts in gear BB!!!!

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    Hello Skarrs, and thank you for the feedback.

    We have various topics in the forum with similar ideas, & ongoing discussions. You can also read our community update and some of my older posts (for example here ) that more or less address this topic.
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    maybe they do play the game, but on windows xp machines running internet explorer 6 with the game assets being loaded over a local network rather than the internet.

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