Dear Settlers,

Please note that there is a solution for a known "Out of Memory" error, which can be used as a temporary solution.

Laboratories, oil mills and harbors can generate an error (out of memory) when many productions are active at the same time, as soon as you want to select these buildings. It is then no longer possible to end or order the productions.

A simple solution is, of course, to let these buildings rest - i.e. 'do not click on the buildings' - and let the productions expire.
If you still want to revise your productions or want to avoid the inaccuracy mentioned, you can demolish all buildings of the same type from your island. It is not enough to demolish only one building of the type, but all the same buildings must be removed. These buildings go into the star menu and can be re-placed from there. The raw materials of the productions also go back into the star, so there are no losses. Please note: Due to the delay, the "sending back" of the building and the raw materials may take some time and is not always immediately visible.

After successful demolition, you can place the buildings on your island again, but be careful not to start too many productions at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Please note pop-ups and information banners if applicable, only buildings without "upgrades" can return without losses. If you remove buildings with level upgrades, these upgrades will be reset and we will not be able to provide support. This temporary solution should therefore only be used with caution.

We are of course still working on a solution to the basic problem, but you may be able to improve some inconveniences on your own.

Many thanks to the settlers who have shared this solution with everyone.