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Thread: Retreat unusable!

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    Retreat unusable!

    Ahh, what an unpleasant problem!
    "Thanks" to the new system of viewing and selecting generals!
    When a general is intercepted unexpectedly, the right thing to do is let him retreat after the battle - to get back for reloading the army.
    Well, now the general that moves from one battle to the next even cannot be selected!
    And this is very troubling in the middle of an adventure...

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    it is a bit of old news though

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    Hello faivq.

    This issue is known to us and has already been reported several times in the forum.

    Please make sure to check our forum before reporting any new issue, and also remember to follow our report template.

    I would like to thank you for this report and let everyone know that our development team is working on this issue.

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