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Thread: Change Log 20/10/21

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    Change Log 20/10/21

    Technical implementation of this year's Halloween Event!

    19 20.10.2021

    • New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year's Halloween Event, which begins on October 25th!

    • Buffs: The Cookies and Milk buff of the Christmas Bakery will no longer affect all buildings.
    • Mail: Made some backend improvements to the mail window.
    • Mail: Reopening the mailbox after applying filters will no longer cause mails to display on top of each other.
    • UI: Sending a General to an adventure via the General window now requires confirmation again.
    • UI: Fixed an issue with the trade search.
    • UI: Chat no longer reconnects to the global tab.
    • UI: Moving a General or a building no longer leaves the old location blocked.

    You are invited to provide your feedback > here <
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