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Thread: A bit faster

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    A bit faster

    Ok so I'm one of those guys who never restart my computer (PC win 10)

    For months on end I just set it to hibernate whenever I go to bed never really actually turning my PC off.

    Well,, the other day I did restart my win 10 pc, fighting and clawing my way throug whatever win 10 updates were waiting thinking my pc wouold never restart because of endless "working - pleas dont shut down" messages and black screens.

    Well, eventually after holding down the power button for 5 seconds many a time to get the win 10 updtae to actually update, my desktop actually came through. Imagine that, not just a bricked pc.

    Well what I experienced from that was a faster loading TSO and also faster gameplay!

    The day after (after a hibernate) I loaded as usual and TSO was slow again

    So i did a few driver updating and reststarde pc again and TSO was fast again!


    The days to follow it seems that whenever I start TSO after a PC reboot (restart), TSO is faster!

    So after a hibernate it becomes slow, but after a restart it is fatser! just a suggestion to those struggelig. If it's been a while since u restarted your PC then maybe try that. Do it at your own risk tho!

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    If you go to your update settings you can define a window on when the pc is used. It then reboots for updates outside these hours. And yes, a weekly reboot makes sense. I think it might be bad memory management of the browser/game.

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    that is one of the bad things, i don;t want to speculate how long the list is though

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