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Thread: Cannot visit friends islands and don't have acces to my oilmills

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    Cannot visit friends islands and don't have acces to my oilmills

    Hi all,

    When i try to visit friends islands i got this error

    Also i can't get acces to my oilmills since Unity has been released. Out of memory screen appears. Every time when i receive resources by mail i get no storage reports. Build more storehouses although i have been plenty of room. The game is very slow and too many out of memory screens, waiting and waiting messages, zone refreshes etcetera makes the game not playable. Explorers can be sent away but is luck of chance i need too many times resent them away. Why can't i sent explorers away by type and those at once instead 1 for 1. Most of the explorers are going for the same search. For months now since Unity has been released the game is a mess. All errors i have seen on the forum and wich i have experienced too there still is no solution for. After every "fix" there comes many new bugs instead. So i never have seen that a fix really did fix somthing wich is sad. Hopefully next week i can visit islands because it is needed for the several Halloweenquests and buffs and pfb's etc. Also the mail system and trade system are not working like it supposed to be. I still can't see someone online only myself. Guildchat, officers chat channel have been out of order still after months. It is annoying when i see the happy hours screen like today. Why would i buy gems? It is not worthwhile right now. And in the past months. But still i hope the game will survive!

    I wish everyone good luck!

    Kind regards Danspie

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    We have a topic about it already here, so I will close this one.

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