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Thread: Kill the game

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    Kill the game

    Please .
    Loved this game since settlers 1, played all disc versions many times over, even the later ones when it was spoilt, trying to make a person instead of a character.
    Played a lot of years ,since finding on line version.
    Unfortunately the transfer to unity is not working.
    The addictive go to game, is no longer

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    Hello Craggles.

    We understand that the current state of the game is not the best, but we are constantly working to improve it. A lot of work was done in the background so it wasn't visible to you or other players. In the latest update, we've added the last part of Unity Code, and we're also working on newer servers. These measures will help us "speed up" improvements that will be visible to every Settler.

    Make sure to read our latest Community Update to find out more.

    I will close this thread, as we have few similar in the forum, so please continue posting in one of them.

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