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Thread: 100% faster mining disappering

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    Unhappy 100% faster mining disappering


    I did several tests in last days and it happen regularly .

    When your geologist search for deposit, it can find resource which can be mined 100% time faster.
    Such deposits even with other buffs/advantages are mark with a gold wreath.
    First issue - this disappears from deposits after some time, so you do not know if deposit has any advantages.
    Second issue - even if you build mine over resource with a golden wreath, it will start working as should (for example shortened production time), but after some time wreath is gone and it returns to slow mining.

    Personally I focus on fast gold mining, I build only mines on fast resources, but I found out there is less such resources ( there are no wretch - even I use gold-hearted geologist - which should find deposits with advantages - so always with wretch) and also I did focus on it, evening new mine was mining one round in 6mins and in the morning it was 12 mins (and wretch gone)

    I think it happen to all type of mines.

    Also I have some mines where I stop production - those stop mines reports still fast mining. And now I'm really afraid to start them.

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    Noticed similar thing ........... fast mining just don't work right.

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    Yes i confirm it disappears...
    as per i thought the geologist doesn't not find the faster mining mine, but i noticed it was fast mining, then after some hours it disappeared.
    The mine indicates times that are not "faster".
    But I must say that mines found in the past keeps the buff forever, also on mines constructed on it and stopped.

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    This is a known issue, and since we already have a topic about it, I will close this one.

    The development team is working on a fix.

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