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Thread: FWIW ( I won't hold my breath that it will be acted upon! But there's always hope)

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    FWIW ( I won't hold my breath that it will be acted upon! But there's always hope)

    27.10.21 Larili wrote:
    Ok had enough of this zone refresh and all the issues it causes. Can someone at BB please tell us why the `Zone' has to be refreshed every twenty seconds in unity?
    Further more why any development time ( and in game resources ) was allocated to having the notification text to appear on the screen to tell me that a zone refresh has occurred? Why do I need to know? The game is resource hungry, far more than it should be, so instead of adding useless notifications ( New Quest / quest failed / zone refreshed ) Take them out and reduce the load.
    As fate happens, just yesterday I logged on and started my routine stuff, while island loading collect mails, send out explorers. Half way through sending explorers, all smoothly I should add, I realised that the `zone refresh ' had not occurred.... I continued at pace to make the most of it. All sent, commented about it on chat... still no refresh. Island all loaded, went through the quest book, gave the golem a bath, collected all the collectables ( Now there was a concern that four collectable type sparklies were activated around S1, even before I started collecting and I wondered if that would effect the totals. But no, all as should be.
    It was about twenty minutes in ( coincidence? ) before I got the first `zone refresh ' and during that time the game was playable like it was on client. Not perfect but none of the teeth gritting issues we have been enduring on Unity. Now being sceptical and suffering to much good feelings towards BB. After that refresh I went back to look at all my explorers, geos, and buff placements to make sure they stuck ( We have been here before, haven't we players? ) But no everything was working as it should. Now it was a quick `maintenance visit' on my part and I did not go on adventuring ( had enough of that teeth grinding experience on Saturday). But again it got me thinking about the issue of the zone refresh timing within the coding. So Please Please Please and pretty Please would someone please look into the numerical value activating the zone refresh and make it like it was before around 20 mins. At twenty seconds it is creating more problems than it could possibly be catching. Even if there is a `secret' reason and not a simple coding error for such rapid refresh rates, could you at least try lengthening it on test just to be sure, at this stage you really have nothing to lose.
    Are we to be told of adventure changes or not? 1 Month on and still SNEAKY RB changes have not been mentioned

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    Hello Larili.

    We already have topics for the "Zone Refresh" issue in the forum, so feel free to share your comment in the existing threads instead of creating a new one.

    "Zone Refresh" is a known bug and we are working on fixing it, but since it's a complicated issue, it requires more time.

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