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Thread: 10th Anniversary

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    10th Anniversary

    Slightly late, mainly due to fighting the interface to try and do some of the Halloween event, but Newfoundland is now 10 years old.
    We came together in the closed beta, and despite the server going awol several times, fell in love with our game.
    How sad that so many diehard fans are now leaving in despair, with an unworkable interface that prevents us from enjoying even the simplest elements of the game, and even harming the computers we are playing on.
    These last 2 events have been the worst in the game's history, because it is not letting us play it, instead we are locked in a frustrating battle with an interface that does not work, and so many inexplicable bugs that have stopped us from visiting each other, crippled the quest system, and stopped premium items from working.
    On 2 servers I've even had achievements for the event reversed, so despite using 50 of each type of golem buff on friends. those achievements are now showing as not completed, even though I wasted many hours chasing up the missing golems previously.
    Please return to the client system before it's too late, it may have had its faults but at least it let us play the game. What you are inflicting on us now is pure torture, unbefitting of a much-loved game that has kept us happy for nearly 30 years now.
    We love our new CM.

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    Happy 10th anniversary Newfoundland, and everything else you said Nogbad, couldn't of said it better. I stuck it out for the event but can't see any future with just empty words coming from BB. I don't fancy having a tooth pulled which would be the equivalent of Christmas event with the game in this state, so that is definitely of the cards this year. All those at BB should hang their heads in shame for letting down the community with this farce.
    Are we to be told of adventure changes or not? 1 Month on and still SNEAKY RB changes have not been mentioned

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    Happy Anniversary Newfoundland.

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    So this is why I got this ?

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