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Thread: Amazonian settlers want you

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    Amazonian settlers want you

    Amazonian Settlers recruiting

    Are you and individual new player or an old one returning and looking for a home, a small guild looking to 'upgrade'

    We are always looking for future recruits. We usually have a very active membership - with current game changes we have plenty of space as many embers have gone awol but there are still around 40 members signing in daily atm and full help, advice and support is provided for all members from lvl 30 - 80 that is second to none.

    We have a strong well resourced guild bank which can provide most resources at cut price or even free

    A weekly lottery gives away 500k coins a week and other competitions and draws regularly give away a range of buildings from noble houses to strongholds

    We have the best PvP players and some of the fastest levelling players on server, always willing to help and offer advice. But don’t just take our word for it .. see what our members say about us (or at least used to... the link is a little outdated )

    To find out more, and for an invite or to join our waiting list, send a mail in game to Luxor1(Guild Leader) Stonewaller Nastynono or Elita5

    Make this your new home - you will get the famous ZON warm welcome
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