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Thread: Storm recovery - automatic fulfill needed

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    Storm recovery - automatic fulfill needed

    Well, I was making Cleansing with poisons and decompozers, when i noticed that one of the pink snakes reappeared after Zone refresh.
    I clicked on it again and you know what? It rolled back the pink snake removing but did not return the stinky poison!??? Thanks to this bug I got the quest failed because it used stinky poison twice on the same snake!!! This quest was a part of weekly challenge so I'll wait to see one of them assigned done!!!

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    Good luck on that and welcome to a failed weekly.

    Just suck it up and do another SR as that is the easiest and cheapest solution with the least amount of aggravation

    and FYI- as u didnt state if u submitted a ticket to support- if you didn;t submit a ticket, you can wait till hell freezes over or traffer feels sorry for you for nything being done, with the last option most likely being a suggestion to submit a ticket

    The rollback bug is annoying but so pervasive that if you can;t live with it, don;t play or install client

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