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    Only problem is they ignore all the feedback on the test forum too, launching Unity after it was butchered for its poor performance on test is a case in point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordloocan View Post
    Only problem is they ignore all the feedback on the test forum too, .
    How true ... Dev popped in, said they are aware of the problem then disappeared for another 2 days ... That's regular

    I've given up after 3 days of not being able to log in

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    yes well, do they ignore it or not read it or a combo- who knows- We do know they have a track record of pushing broken content from test to live as well - maybe it is all about pride

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiggermama View Post

    Easter event released on Test server with no notice given. Some of the items in Merchant have no icon, some do not work.

    No BB rep seen for over 2 days so guessing event will be released broken or delayed

    Trying to use 1 building actually crashes your game and locks you out

    Getting to be normal now that BB do not seem to give a sh*t

    ** Traffer, is it possible to get someone from BB to monitor Test forum to report the finding ? **
    Hello tiggermama.

    Please don't worry, the version you are currently seeing is a very early release and not the final one that will be rolled out to our Live servers.

    We usually roll out our updates to the test server first so that anyone can test them and leave feedback. It's totally fine if you see a lot of missing content or technical issues as that's the purpose of the Test Server - as I said, it's a very early version of the game update.

    The test server forum is constantly monitored by the Dev Team, and all reports created by our players are known to them.

    If you want to leave any additional feedback or bug reports, please do it over the test forum here.

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