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Thread: Change Log 23/08/22

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    Change Log 23/08/22

    Technical implementation of this year's Anniversary Event!


    • New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year's Anniversary Event, which begins on August 29th!

    • Adventure: Defeating the second sector boss in the adventure “The Shaman” no longer removes quest building
    • Buildings: Fixed an issue that caused granite pits to be recurring
    • Buildings: Deleting a storehouse when having full storage shows a warning about resource loss again
    • Specialists: Fixed an error that caused using the shotfirer to crash. Please note that graphics issues remain and will be addressed at a later date
    • UI: Implemented a tooltip to the units card which shows the exact number of units if the amount exceeds 1000
    • UI: Specialist tasks that cannot be executed are greyed out again
    • UI: Icons for products in provisioner buildings are now displayed again

    You are invited to provide your feedback > here <
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