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Thread: help needed

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    help needed

    after the end of flash a few years ago, I couldnt get into the game and gave up , thinking the game had closed its doors
    A nudge from someone recently made me realise ya'll had restarted some time ago
    so here I am, a fantastic island with silos and farms and all the beautiful stuff from some time ago
    and someone says I can one buff buildings with one click
    and someone else says i can collect the collectables with one click, wow , thats amazing, even better than a fairy buff

    so I'm older and challenged by tech somewhat so can some of you give me some pointers in how to restart this truly great game

    thankyou all in anticipation

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    Hello pipl.

    I'm not sure what your problem is. We didn't restart the game, you can still log into your old account and play, all you have to do is use our website, you don't have to download anything.

    If you want to play again and start from 0, you'll need to either create a new account or delete the TSO profile from your account, and when that's done start over.

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    at the start of unity it was almost impossible to load the game, it took ages and some times is even was a 50 times 5h jurney to get in

    he is asking for the features some people developed for "the old client" to get/be included in the unity version

    ps.: i would like that too

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