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Thread: Change Log 13/07/23

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    Change Log 13/07/23

    New chat channel, building skin system rework, and bug fixes!


    • UI: The building skin system has been completely redesigned:
      • Building skins with a permanent duration will now be returned to the star menu if another skin is applied over them and can be re-used
      • Building skins with a time-limited duration will be overwritten if another skin is applied over them
    • Chat: A new chat channel has been added. Please check out the revised In-game Rules, Code of Conduct (chat and forum)!

    • Achievement: Achievement categories names are now displayed correctly
    • Adventure: Implemented changes to fog in adventures, it should no longer reappear after it was cleared
    • Home Zone: Archipelago Sectors should not be blocked again after their release
    • Building: Building windows will no longer stay open when switching zones
    • Event: Events will now be displayed correctly if the player did not log in between events
    • Graphic: Animals are now visible on friend islands
    • Guild: Guild Market Vote should work again
    • Text: Fixed and updated some localizations.
    • UI: Numbers over 1 million do not get cut off anymore
    • UI: The Green Flower Blossoms Storehouse skin now uses the correct icon in the news feed pop-up
    • UI: Icons for the Art Museum buffs are appearing in tooltips again
    • UI: Premium time duration now always displays the correct time and not only 23 hours 49 minutes in its tooltip

    You are invited to provide your feedback > here <
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