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Thread: Que bookbinder

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    Que bookbinder


    Ive recently started this game and im unhappy about bookbinder.
    The thing is no matter how much my guild helps with it i cant que anything in this thing
    buffs are useless because i dont have the option to be online and put a new one.
    As this bookbinder is very important to me and other people i want to suggest a que like advanced bookbinder.
    some suggestion*

    *Make a que for 2-3 books at a time
    * if you create codex make it so it automaticaly makes the onther books to (longer que more mats*
    * just make it like the oil mill building

    Yes we can get advanced bookbinder but its for late game were people can do many adventures daily
    and get many of this adjacent items >in this case you need atleast a few good generals with book>

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