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Thread: why are the old client still ok ?

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    why are the old client still ok ?


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    A weird question and also you are very misinformed

    The "old client" was a BB product- it no longer works and is no longer available for download

    Any third party software that is used- whatever its name- is not allowed and not supported by BB

    If you get caught using it/promoting it etc- you can get banned

    The fact that third party software is used in some cases, doesn't mean it is allowed or that it is "ok"

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    Hello Damien.

    I'm guessing, you're talking about the temporary "client" that was used during our transition from Flash to Unity. This "client" is no longer used or supported by us for a long time and using it is against our terms of service. If you suspect a particular account of cheating, please send it to support along with any other useful information. Cheats should only be reported to Support Team.

    If you have any other questions regarding this topic you can contact me directly as you always do or our Support Team.
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