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Thread: Most beautiful island in the world

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    Most beautiful island in the world

    Most beautiful island in the settlers world presentation/challenge

    Here my Funkelberg Server HQ :-) in high definition! :-)

    Probably one the most representative settler online island in the world, :-) Discover almost everything that TSO has to offer
    in politics, economics and culture!!! :-)

    among other things with
    - Campus of the FB Haarwart University for agriculture, forestry, research and mining, with faculty for the 10-year special course for settlers Avatar hair (art) cuts!!! .-)
    - the representative headquarters of the government, The Blue House
    - the Funkelberg military-industrial complex (training area, Area 51, weapons industry, secret service, barracks and UFO landing zone),
    - the avenue of craft guilds.
    - the habitat of Greenfleece - the hunters' sanctuary
    - the island vacation, adventure, recreation and leisure theme park for overworked settlers
    (with children's Island, Winter Wonderland, fairytale castle, pirate island, island from 1000 and one nights, native people village,
    romantic wedding castle hotel, scary and ghost island, retro museum village, organic farm,
    many premium hotels, AIRBNBs and bungalows........),
    - the Funkelberg EXPO 2024 showroom preview of agriculture, water management, publishing industry, fishing industry.........
    - the first-class spanish horse breeding center and riding school “Casa Scheunemühle”
    - Sea and air port for ships of all kinds, with a fabulous "Viktualienmarkt".
    - Newest Expo participant in the port area - Juing Eul from Techsars
    - MEGA upload central warehouse for emergencies server-wide!!! :-)
    - different land -, climate zones and light effects
    - almost all available buildings etc. up to level 75 (except beta triumphal arch, some generals and dia mines etc, andsome flowerbed
    ........and much more!!

    Have fun exploring!


    Click on the image for HD and click on the image again! :-)
    Have fun during settling and discovering!! :-)

    If you notice that something is missing, please let me know! :-)

    ISLAND UNPLUGGED (1:1 unadulterated!) :-)

    Click on the image for HD and click on the image again! :-)

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