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Thread: Is this game dying?

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    Is this game dying?

    There don't seem to be many people playing currently. I wonder how many people actively play it?

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    that is difficult to see as player really

    Lets say, it is clear it is getting more quiet so there are either less players or the players are online less or a combi

    Traditionally after the main part of an event it is also quieter as people tend to have played more than they should have during event to get the event goodies and then compensate by not being online after event and catch up on all they didnt do

    And last- if there is no meaningful new content for lvl 80 players, they will play less/be online less as well. reality is, we getting more of those so this effect will get progressively bigger

    But... when new content gets pushed, a large part of the more or less inactives all of a sudden pop up again

    So the answer is complicated- it is yes it is dieing to some extent, although it could just as easily be a period of hibernation. The power lies with BB in this- If meaningful new 80's content is developed and pushed to live, the game is not dieing for sure- if it is not, then it will eventually head that way.

    As BB says they are still working on new stuff and improving the game, thats the only thing we can hope for to not see the game die

    If that is a long way off, i dohope they will merge servers to increase active playerbase on servers and so extent playability

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    The best we can do is see what BB do about the US servers which are in a worse state then we are, anything else is just unfounded speculation from us.

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