Well, yes, that was the expected result. Please also show an at-a-glance summary of what happened to the enemy troops too. It would be useful to know what I killed and what's left. Sometimes I need this from home island too if I'm doing something there but need to calc my next attack which is why it would be nice to have it in mail.


My original wish and intent was to create a thread with one "Innits how to easily improve the game" suggestion a day. I think I have enough to last a lifetime. Having read this subforums guidelines I reluctantly will not (for now). I would be less reluctant if I thought anyone from BB actually read and listened to these suggestions - if they did we would have had a way to mass send explorers years ago.

Both the lack of feedback and the feedback I have received has been quite disheartening. I still have a lot of suggestions, most of them still require very little effort to implement (edumacated guess [sic]). I still hope to share them but frequency will depend on my energy levels (and how frustrated I get).
This is the sixth, here is yesterdays post