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  1. Thx for the reply BB_Dantesama, it is much...

    Thx for the reply BB_Dantesama, it is much appreciated. :)
  2. Things must change...before more applictations.

    Some things really are more important than new tabs BB.
    Hope u listen.

    Provision house: the making of buff, materials, etc shouldnt be limited too a certain amount. Only 25 buffs? Or making 1250...
  3. Guild Recruitment -Lost Raiders- [LORE]

    Lost Raiders is recruiting...All level players are welcome only need too be active and friendly player.
    We r a small but not very demanding of our guildmembers.

    If u need a guild too grow with we...
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    Any suggestion made is possible

    Any suggestion made is possible
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    Want To Buy Silo

    Want to buy a grain silo. Offer is 2000 or 2000 granite.
    Send me a ingame mail with jour choice.

    thx in advance
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